Roger RessmeyerRoger Ressmeyer, Filmmaker, CEO and Photographer

Beginning with his days as a zany rock n’ roll photographer … to becoming a noted celebrity shooter, science photographer, and top stills and film stock agency executive … Roger Ressmeyer’s career has evolved in a very intriguing way. In a few short years starting with the Jefferson Starship in the late 1970s, he became a top name in space and science photography working on assignment first for Rolling Stone and then for Newsweek, LIFE, Time, Smithsonian and National Geographic.

He owned and operated the Starlight Photo Agency for 14 years until July 1995, when it, along with more than a half-million of his images, became the first major acquisition by Corbis, Bill Gates’ privately-owned image archive. Following this transition, Ressmeyer held senior management positions first at Corbis and then at Getty Images.

In 2005, he again struck out on his own and founded Science Faction, a leading photo agency that focused on technology and space-related images. In 2012, Science Faction was acquired by SuperStock, clearing the way for Ressmeyer to start a film project he’s been planning since 1989.

His deep passion for science and spirituality is the fuel behind Ressmeyer’s latest venture, the VISIONS OF TOMORROW FOUNDATION™ … which is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational foundation focused on building awareness for scientific and spiritual solutions that address the world’s biggest problems. For the foundation he is working on a new documentary feature film, currently in pre-production, that will bring together the world’s leading scientists, engineers and spiritual leaders to explore solutions to some of our planet’s biggest challenges – from climate change to inequality and war.

Ressmeyer is a graduate of Yale University and was named PhotoMedia’s Photography Person of the Year in the Fall 2012 issue, recognizing him for his exceptional artistic and business accomplishments, his tremendous leadership among colleagues in the filmmaking and photo industries, as well as for his humanitarian efforts to advance the cause of scientific exploration, and promote solutions to the world’s social and environmental challenges. Ressmeyer has also been a first place winner for Pictures of the Year and the World Press Photo awards.

Relevant Links
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