Images of Space Since age 10, Roger Ressmeyer has taken pictures of the sun, moon and stars. His passion for space exploration powered the creation of the world-renowned Space Places collection, photographed at observatories, space centers and solar eclipses around the globe. These images were mostly captured between 1981 and 1995 while Ressmeyer traveled on assignment for National Geographic, Time, Life, and Smithsonian.
Images from the National Geographic Orbit book project Since 1980, Roger Ressmeyer has enjoyed unique access to NASA’s projects and photo libraries. “It’s been fun,” says Roger. “I’ve floated in the vomit comet (NASA’s aircraft that simulates weightlessness) and scuba dived with fully suited astronauts in NASA’s pools.” In 1991, at NASA’s request, Ressmeyer trained astronauts to improve their photos from space. The project resulted in the book “ORBIT – NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth.” For that project, NASA provided Ressmeyer and astronaut Jay Apt with unprecedented, never repeated access to NASA flight film.
Celebrities Roger Ressmeyer’s photography career began at the age of 21, on September 29, 1975, when the Jefferson Starship hired him to photograph their rock concert in Golden Gate Park. By 1977, Ressmeyer was regularly shooting photo essays and portraits while on assignment for People, Rolling Stone, Time, and Newsweek. His images soon appeared on record album and book covers for musicians and authors such as Shirley MacLaine, Grace Slick, Carlos Santana, Bobby McFerrin, Dire Straits, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Danielle Steel. To this day, Ressmeyer continues photographing celebrities and people, despite his late 1980′s shift towards science and space photography.
Images of the artist at work “My life as a photojournalist has been thrilling, both physically and intellectually,” says Roger Ressmeyer. “I’ve hung from helicopters over molten lava, documented the inner workings of the nuclear industry, and confronted some of the most powerful forces of nature.” He also appreciated the extraordinary personal encounters he has had during his career. “I’ve been so fortunate,” Roger says. “I’ve had one-on-one meetings with some of the greatest scientists, artists, philosophers and leaders of our times.” In this gallery, we feature a few highlights from Ressmeyer’s career.
Volcanoes In 1991, when Roger Ressmeyer was asked to photograph “Volcanoes, Crucibles of Creation” for National Geographic Magazine, nobody realized the assignment would cover the century’s most volcanically active year. Since then, his images have been published globally and are featured in “Volcanoes — Life on the Edge“, an award-winning CD-ROM. In 1995, Ressmeyer’s photographs of several California earthquakes appeared in his “Living With California’s Faults” coverage, also for National Geographic.
Technology During his vast career shooting science and technology, many of the subjects were on the cutting edge years before they became mainstream. Here we look back at some of those images from GPS to electric cars to the early days at Apple.