The Best of Grace Slick — Audio CD, 1999 On The Night by Dire Straits — Audio CD, 1993 Havana Moon by Carlos Santana — Audio CD, original release 1983 Hoppkorv by Hot Tuna — Audio CD, original release 1976 Earth by Jefferson Starship — (Back Cover) Audio CD, original release 1978
A Day In the Life Canada by David Cohen and Rick Smolan — Hard Cover Book, original release 1984 Don’t Fall Off the Mountain by Shirley MacLaine — Paperback Book, original release 1985 Out on a Limb by Shirley MacLaine — Paperback Book, original release 1983 Bobby McFerrin — Audio CD, original release 1982 Live by Carla Bley — Audio CD, original release 1981


ORBIT – NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth Roger Ressmeyer edited, produced, scanned and digitally processed this book. Written by Jay Apt, Michael Helfert and Justin Wilkinson, the glossy coffee table book features pictures taken by astronauts and digitally reproduced, for the first and only time, from original NASA flight film. ORBIT takes the reader into space for astronauts’ views of home as they keep a vigil over our Earth. (National Geographic, 1996)
VOLCANOES: Life on the Edge Journey to the World’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes with Roger Ressmeyer. In this award-winning CD-ROM, you’ll come face to face with extraordinary eruptions. Join the exhilarating travels of Roger Ressmeyer, a renowned photojournalist who captures on film the world’s most active and spectacular volcanoes during the most eruptive period of the past century. (Corbis, 1996)
SPACE PLACES Pictures and Text by Roger Ressmeyer. Coffee table book by Roger Ressmeyer, forward by Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Lavishly photographed and insightfully narrated, Space Places is a personal evocation of the people and technologies that are changing the future of life on our planet. Roger Ressmeyer has compiled a unique and stunning portrait of how far we have traveled and what lies ahead in the exploration of space. (Collins, 1990)
ASTRONAUT to ZODIAC A childrens’ book with pictures and text by Roger Ressmeyer. Beginning with Astronaut and concluding with Zodiac, this unique alphabet book captures the adventure of space in dramatic color and revealing detail. Paired with brilliant photographs, twenty-six space words explore a host of subjects. Each word features a bold text nugget simple enough for the youngest child, and also a paragraph of more detailed information for older readers. (Crown, 1992)


Introduction to the book Space Places — The meaning and purpose of space travel (Collins)

The Photographer’s Guide to Marketing & Self Promotion by Maria Piscopo — An interview with Roger Ressmeyer on the state of the industry (Allworth Press)

Image Protection Standards for the Digital Era — A White Paper on the defense of intellectual property

Magazine Photography — A White Paper on the business challenges of freelance editorial photography

Voyage of the Millennium — The greatest images of space flight MSNBC.COM News

Buzz Aldrin Plans the Next Leap — Looking back 30 years to his Apollo 11 mission, and forward to the future MSNBC.COM News

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