King 5 New Day Northwest Program Interview Local photographer, Roger Ressmeyer, launched his career shooting celebrities and rock stars, but he never gave up his passion for more celestial subjects.
Space Race Video Roger Ressmeyer was trying to win a trip to space through the Space Needle’s Space Race 2012. A for-real competition that sends the winner to space on a new rocket. When he became a finalist he produced this video to get votes for his entry. Roger Ressmeyer was told he couldn’t be an astronaut in 1967 because of diabetes. So, he became a space photographer for National Geographic. Today, with an insulin pump and real-time glucose sensor, his health is perfect and he inspires young and old.
Seattle Country Day School Rockets Rocket expert Roger Ressmeyer, James Spies and their assistant, Ryan Ressmeyer explore model rocketry from A to Z. The children become actual hands-on rocket scientists, building and flying low- and mid-power model rockets. Along the way, they learn about aerodynamic stability, structural integrity, rocket propulsion, launch safety, flight guidance, and computerized design and mission simulations.
Roger Ressmeyer with William Shatner in Hawaii Roger Ressmeyer on location in Hawaii for a video on photography techniques by Canon.
King 5 Rocket Launch Story Local television station KING 5 covered the Seattle Country Day School rocket launch on their nightly news. The story highlighted the launch of a soccer ball rocket, built by roger, to protest the potential closure of the 60 acres field to future launches.
Evening Magazine Television Show on Technology Evening Magazine did one of their most successful segments ever on Roger and his family turning back the clock to 1954. Living for a week with only the technology and conveniences that were available at that time.
National Geographic Promo Piece Video highlighting the 14 month National Geographic assignment where Ressmeyer was sent around the world photographing erupting volcanoes. As it happened this was the most active period of volcanic activity in centuries.